If you do take out the fighters, this will be the hardest part. ... ↳ SWG Screenshots & Videos ↳ Closed Polls; Game Support ↳ Questions ↳ Suggestions The Corvette won't go anywhere, so you have plenty of time now to kill anything else that's left. There are 8 guns on the 'vette, and 7 of them are on its topside—yes, only one gun is defending the belly of this beast, gun 5. Four additional Corellian Corvettes, two Rebel and two Imperial, spawn in Ord Mantell Space without escorts. That said, it is possible to destroy the ship by yourself. If you panic and decide to leave in any other possible direction, you may find that you've inadvertently put yourself right next to the remaining 7 guns of the vette as well as the gunboats' 14 guns, and you may not live to make another run. Terminals that give out missions to Rebels and those who wish to gain standing to join the Rebel Alliance. Once the engine is down, the vette will come to a stop and the gunboats will continue. Alternatively, you can also find another 2-4 Rebel Commandos at the Rebel Outpost at /way 3689 -6403 on Rori. Therefore, it is recommended you terminate them immediately after disabling the Corvette's engines. But before attempting that, make sure to review the following information. The planet Kessel was located within the Akkadese Maelstrom in the Kessel sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Each Corvette spawns on about a 2 hour timer. This requires some creeping skills that you may also develop for killing Star Destroyer guns, but fear not, if you creep too much, only one gun will be able to see you, and you can easily fly away to try again. This is the time where you must ensure that you destroy the fighters and gunboats if you haven't already. Q: How do I get to Kessel? thumb|300px|right|Destroying a Corvette Rebel Pilot Trainers. Juke (side-to-side and up-down movement) and roll so that gun 5 has trouble hitting you as you make your first attack run. Now new content is being added. Their undersides are on the same side as the Corvette's underside unless the vette is in the process of turning. Pull up and do a vertical 180, making absolutely sure that you are leaving the vette from its bottom side and away from the gunboats. Dive away from the engines (do not pull up towards the topside) once they are dead, and your escape should be a clean one. I also think that nowadays, SWG has again become a great MMORPG. RIP SWG NOV 2003 - APRIL 2006 SFR - Retired Guild Leader GoDfather of Sunfall. The Corellian Corvette, as any Star Wars fan will tell you, is a small capital space ship designed to be a speedy patrol craft and used heavily by smugglers and the Alliance to run past Imperial blockades. You can only destroy the Reactor from the top of the Corvette, which means the rest of the guns need to go. Missiles DO NOT require a line of sight, apparently. Repeat the process until the shields are gone. NEVER fly above the ship. The next available systems to destroy on the vette are the two shield generators. Released on June 26, 2003 to much critical acclaim, it spawned three expansions through 2005. Congratulations, you have just destroyed the vette and become an Ace/Master Pilot! Started by completing one of the tiers listed below: Reward: Player Title, Badge, YE-4 Gunship Schematic. Once you're in firing range of the gun, straighten out and fire until you're almost on top of the gun. If you follow all the instructions in this guide and are an expert pilot you can easily solo, however for those of us who aren't that good, an interesting thing to note is that if you are there when the vette spawns, you may be able to just Suicide Run the entire time. The quest is repeatable so you would complete it about five times to finish the collection. Fly near the belly of the 'vette and slowly creep to one side and very slightly over to the topside until you can see/shoot each gun. Destroy it and the vette will go with it. Top. How to shoot it without getting shot (for pilots hunting the Imperial Corvette), Suicide Running the Corvette (for when no one else is on). The first involves killing 30 ships in the Kessel space zone, and the second involves killing a Corellian Corvette that will spawn in zone approximately every half hour, make a 45 minute trek across the system, and then hyper out. The first involves killing 30 ships in the Kessel space zone, and the second involves killing a Corellian Corvettethat will spawn in zone approximately every half hour, make a 45 minute trek across the system, and then hyper out. Once the Corvette spawns, you can move to destroy it. Rebel's can purchase factional AT-XT from recruiters (AT-ST equivalent) New Faction Armors Buffed bonus 155 for factional HQ Hospital AT-XT spawns at Rebel HQs Different GCW turret damage types Remove food / drink filling on PvP death If you die Overt you have 1% decay on Insured Items, and only 2% on other Items. Now finish the vette off. Now wait a minute or two. You can also find 4 Rebel Commandos at the Rebel Outpost on Dantooine – they have a 7 minute respawn timer. Either way, you are now approaching the back of the 'vette where the gunboats are, meaning that those boats will now do their best at making you cheese of the Swiss kind. Because the Corvette is (nearly) symmetrical, it can be difficult to determine which side is "up". It is capable to release Tier 7 TIE Aggressors as escorting ships. It is easiest to fly up high above the Corvette and angle your ship downwards towards the Reactor; this should easily allow you to hit it. The Corvette will make a good fireworks display, and reward you with 43,000 experience. Once you are familiar enough with the layout of the Corvette, you can ignore the fighters and easily dive straight at the ship and take out the necessary systems without taking too much damage. Repeat as needed until both the Shield Generator and Secondary Shield Generator have been destroyed. Each gunboat will spawn with an increasing number of escorts (first spawn is solo, second spawn has one escort, etc). The Rebel Corvette leaves the system at /way. Now, this will be tricky. You can find Elite Bosses on designated planets, on 5 to 8 hour respawn timer and varying numbers of spawns depending on the Boss. Be in the Kessel System and within range of the Corvette when it is destroyed. Be courteous and kill the gunboats so that there is no lag at the exit point. The vette is then rather easily to kill as the rest of this article dictates. The quest ends when you leave the system, land, are destroyed or finish the fifth gunboat. Gun 4 is in the same spot gun 5 was (except on top of the ship, of course), and should be destroyed before guns 0 through 3. At some point in its destruction, do damage to a subsystem. Turrets 6 and 7 are the side mounts, but can be hit easily from the bottom. Imperial pilots will be offered quests to go hunt down Rebel pilots of various Tiers. This is the key to distinguishing between the two sides: top has four, bottom eight. If you're having difficulty seeing the bubbles, look at the orientation of the gunboats. The atmosphere was very thin, with most of the air being provided by factories on the surface. Stay out of range until the gunboats pass. Guild Leader of LORE (Legion of Rebel Exiles) / Mayor of Avalon Prime. I have seen both in Kessel at the same time. The misshapen planet known as Kessel had a barren, rocky landscape. The gunboats are stuck on the waypoint path that the 'vette was on and don't know how to stop; since the 'vette can't move, the gunboats will gradually fly past. Line up your gun with the shield generators and make your shots count, you do not have much time to make many runs. If you are between LVL 50 and 60 you should travel to Kashyyyk and do … Regardless, you definitely can kill all of the guns without them ever shooting at you, but there's little else to say on how to do this other than keep allowing yourself to see more of the gun until it starts taking damage from your shots. How to find them: Spawns in the NE corner of the map, in the desert area of endor Dificulty Level: Medium-Challenging Types: N/A Loot: Gorax Bone shards (Used in the ranged weapons that don't accept Krayt Tissues) Gurk King Location: Lok How to find them: Two static spawns at the 'Gurk Temples'. No dextrous maneuvering is required this time, since nothing can shoot you from this orientation. The biggest thing you need to know about doing this is to just keep at it. The Bridge is an easy kill; just aim for the purple window in front. Both the Rebel and Imperial corvettes respawn approximately 5 minutes after being destroyed or leaving the system. Corvettes do not spawn as part of mercenary missions and 25 are needed to complete slayer. Lecul Jedi Posts: 191 ... Me and another Jedi have got 2 spawns each within a week. Multiple corvettes can be found in Deep Space and a single corvette may (~10 to 20 minute respawn time) be up in Kessel. The game was completely overhauled in the last expansion, which frustrated many longtime subscribers. These do not count towards your Ace mission but rather your Tier 5 Kill Imperial/Rebel Pilot Quota. You can receive duty missions to destroy Rebel Ships if you are either an Imperial Pilot OR Imperial Faction Helper from the following Space Stations: Note: The tier 5 missions in local space will spawn a single gunboat plus fighter escorts at the boss waves. Destroying the ship is not an easy task for the uninformed, and is a great source of stress and difficulty for most pilots. No more wandering around looking for random spawns. However, since the vette is in their path, the gunboats will start maneuvering to stay in their path. If you are worried about the gunboats (since they are right behind the engines), approach slightly below the gunboats so that only their tail turrets can take a few shots before you pass underneath them. Note that faction points are only gained for killing opposing NPCs if one is overt before entering Deep Space, however. Just go to a planetary space station and ask for a mercenary mission. To review, there are 8 fighters and two Gunboats guarding the Corvette. Star Wars Galaxies is a Star Wars themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows, developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts.. I really enjoyed reading it. You're practically done with the solo, though this last system remains to ensure that the 'vette will not leave the system. Now dance and party like there is no tomorrow, because you have faced 2 gunboats, their TIE escorts, and the vette and you have the right to be proud! Hitting the generators can be tricky and will likely take a few attempts to really nail down. Note: Certain pilot trainers will also offer duty missions, these missions will have A-wings replace the gunboats for the boss waves. This means you get blown up and then relaunch back into kessel. Since the engines are in the firing arcs of the gunboats, you will need to fly fast and be prepared to juke and jink. [Hoth - Rebel Heroic] [Rebel objectives] A light infantry, fixed turret emplacements, and snowspeeders comprise the Rebel forces defending Echo Base.