I’d call that enough for most anything one should want to put down with a 5 pound carbine. (45 mm) case and 2.362 in. needless to say shooting these from the bench is absolutely brutal. It can be shot out of as classy a rifle as the Ruger No. Do you have access to manufacturing facilities that might be of use in this project? [3], Bushmaster requested[when?] Full Details More from this Seller. So.. the .450BM guns and ammo should be in the same section of the gun store with the rifled shotgun barrels and slug shells made for such. After blowing holes through deer with my 30-06 and 35 Whelen and tracking them all day I bought a 450BM upper for my AR. I just heard back from Carson Lilja. 22 mag it’s only for head shot but the 450 is a 1 shot kill providing you hit the boiler room. So I have to ask, by ‘small to medium game at close ranges’ I assume you mean deer out to 500 yards? The Barnes or Bear Creek Copper bullets offer better performance in this area. True, but it’s tucked into a corner of the state and is easily avoidable. Rest assured that all are making a significant comeback now that companies are making stiffer loads and good casting decisions. The .450 generates a tremendous amount of recoil, even in an AR. I have been to their facility and have seen with my own eyes the level of engineering and innovation that has been done to produce the finest .450 hunting rifles available. Most bolt-action rifles would have no issue with hotter .450 loads, but in a semi-automatic black rifle you’re asking for trouble. I only had my life threatened one of those times. Instead, I would probably recommend something like a lever-action .44 Magnum or the like before I told a new hunter to go with this on their first trip. Fast forward to 2020 and the 450 is still king of Lower Michigan. While I rightly despise the 6.5 Creedmoor as the lame imitator that it is, I am a .260 Rem fan. Which means that I believe we have not yet arrived at a point where a reliable, big bore, cartridge for the AR platform exists. It’s not exactly a classic, but one day it might get there. My favorite round is now the 450 BM… Dropped a 250lb bear in it’s tracks…. With a roughly a .100″ longer case it sits in the sweet spot with a 158gr or 180gr bullet moving at around 2300fps and recoils less than a 243. Rounds can lift point-up and cause the action to jam. This does not have an impact on bolt actions that I’ve seen. I ended up having to modify almost every part in the action, including the magazines. Douglas XX premium grade stainless; 1:16 twist; #5 contour. One fireform should do the trick, even though one would need to anneal the brass both before opening up the neck to .416, and again before fireforming out the body taper. I want to wildcat one. Have shot 8 of them now with it and all have been DRT, no tracking. Hand fit everything together ( not slap together and go) I noticed right off the bat the AR 5.56 mag follower would not work. [citation needed], The .450 Bushmaster makes use of .452 in. “The Bushwhacker has about exactly the same taper as a .223, so I’m guessing it’s the rebated rim that’s the problem.”. and 150 is really long. Tikka extra large bolt handle. same problem with the 12 ga full power sabot slugs . Plus, every HUNTER model is perfectly balanced in a 100% ambidextrous composite stock making the gun incredibly quick to aim and shoot. Who ever wrote this doesn’t understand ballistics or long range shooting. Close range 6.5 creedmoor definitely only hits harder than your suggested 44 mag at 800yds . Anything else isn’t worth discussing because Iowa will never change its laws- so I shoot the best of what’s allowed. I’d like to see some dedicated hot bolt-action loads that have a longer OAL to prevent them from fitting in an AR mag at some point in the future. Optics / Scope Mounts 7mm mag is NOT legal, and it’s not going to be. There are only a few true options out there that I’ve seen, and a couple I can’t release details on just yet because they’re still in development. To support the large case head of .450 Bushmaster ammunition, the .450 Bushmaster bolt is engineered with tapered lugs and machined from a high-strength superalloy. I’ve had issues with all the above as far as reliability, but that’s much more a magazine problem than anything having to do with the gun. The cartridge also suffers from another problem: weak sauce loads. Just an update, picked up a Ruger in 450BM and with a 2×7 Vortex scope on top it shot to just over .75moa right out of the gate after break in with factory loads. bullets because of the lower impact velocities and energies would not adequately expand the heavier jacketed .458 in. And OFC, being in marketing, they haven’t the slightest clue as to the engineering problems they so create, since rare indeed is the marketer that can understand physics or math. That should take care of the body taper. The .450 Bushmaster is descended from the "Thumper" concept popularized by gun writer Jeff Cooper. He’s on board to do the barrel. Serial Number Lookup; Instruction Manuals; Mark IV ™ Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice - June 2017; Ruger American ® Pistol Safety Bulletin - October 2018 Featuring quick-take-down, tools-free disassembly, it’s also a great stowaway emergency/survival gun for the camp, boat, or truck. That was a good beginner article if I ever saw one.). 416R Stainless Steel, Hand Lapped. I didn’t modify until I hot loaded it, I put a mid weight buffer in. This rifle has a 22-inch barrel and is fully ambidextrous. Much better représentatives of the state. The .450 BM is sort of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi of the cartridge world. You need that extra slice of pie? I am not a “professional” gun maker. The use a 275 gr Barnes XPB all copper bullet. the ammunition manufacturer Hornady to produce the .45 Professional cartridge for this project, but Hornady wanted to shorten the cartridge case and overall length to accommodate their 0.452 in. After one incident I got my car back from 2 weeks in the body shop and 10 days later it was right back to the shop from another hit. It’s about the only size left that hasn’t got the word magnum hung on it anywhere. Inspired by this, LeGendre developed his .45 Professional cartridge,[when?] I have also put the 300 XTP MAG loads in front of 46.0g of Lil Gun and absolutely walloped a good water buffalo, the bullet making a lump in the other side of the still beast where it was easily recovered. Spot on. Launching a .45-caliber, 250-grain bullet at 2,200 fps is, of course, a significant performance step up compared to the 5.56 NATO’s relatively tiny 55-grain bullet exiting the barrel at 3,200 fps. The stainless-steel cryo-treated barrel is 16 inches long, has a 1:24-inch twist, and comes with an RRA Operator muzzle brake installed. Love it never haf a problem with the round or the firearm. I’m a believer. Hornady FTX designed for the 460 S&W shot at just over 2600fps across my Chrony from the 16″ barrel. “Traditional” “sentiment” need not apply. Hell yes it recoiled more, DUH that was expected. Perhaps the 7.62X39 case blown out to make a 10.5 (.416) X39? I like shotguns, but for turkey and such. I own 2, an AR I built(20″ mid gas barrel) and a Ruger American 16″ and never had a problem. The sign above reads, “bureaucratic compliance equipment.”. Barrel weight: 1.34 lbs. Michigan State will always play second fiddle to Michigan. Why not compare 450 Bushmaster to 12 ga slugs, because that’s the real choice for actual real world hunters? With a small amount of body taper minus the brass thickness that would be somewhere around a .41 – .42 inch bore size. Hell, it may be known as the cartridge that introduced a new generation of deer hunters to the woods. Also put took out a half moon in the front of the mags so nothing catches on the rounds. At 50 grains Im compressing the load and sending the FTX pill downrange at 2540 fps, which I also recorded at 45.5gns during development. The law looks at the side of the case along the datum line not the cartridge as a whole. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "CARTRIDGE and CHAMBER DRAWING - 450 BUSHMASTER", "45 Cal .452 250 gr FTX® (450 Bushmaster)", https://tromix.com/product/lancer-magazine-4-round/, https://dura-mag.com/product/duramag-ss-450-bushmaster-stainless-steel/, https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1006265648, Bushmaster .450 Rifle & Carbine - Bushmaster Firearms, https://web.archive.org/web/20150423074612/http://www.hornady.com/store/450-Bushmaster-250-gr-FTX-LEVERevolution, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=.450_Bushmaster&oldid=995533148, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from December 2011, All articles needing additional references, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 15:41. I think I just found my next personal project… I’m going to contact Lilja right now. It looks like a better solution would be to resurrect the old Winchester .351 and .401 cartridges. There’s slight taper to the body and the head is rebated. Hit with this cartridge the deer just fold up and there is very little lost meat. I have to concur on your sentiments about the deer in Michigan. And I’m not in a beginner class by any measurable standard. That being said, If I was stuck on a desert island and could only have one firearm ………. Doesn’t he get any love? That conversion is also fraught with problems when paired with the AR’s straight mag well. The build features a featherlight contour stainless steel barrel with a seamless removable radial muzzle brake and a carbon fiber composite gunstock. Ammunition: The struggle of the .450 has also been in the ammo arena. I also like my Henry BB in 45 Colt. Ballistically, the .450 Bushmaster has a rather flat trajectory out to 200 yards; if the firearm is zeroed at 150 yards, the user can expect to see a rise of 1.8 inches at 100 yards, zero at 150 yards, and a drop of 4.9 inches at 200 yards. This means that the case body isn’t supported by the magazine lips along the whole length. But I do prefer to sticking to the basics. built and delivered an AR-15 in .45 Professional to Cooper. amazing rifle for deer. the same lower I still use with a .223 Wylde upper and it functions perfectly with that buffer. Henry may be well-known for their lever actions, but they make a single shot .450 Bushmaster too. Go make your case to Montana hunters and they’ll choose .30-06 or 7mm or .300 Win Mag almost every time, but as long as the list of legal rifles remains what it is in the Midwest, the 450 Bushmaster is the best alternative to klunky 1 oz hunks of lead lumbering out of pheasant guns we’ve been waiting for. The result is much the same as we’ve seen with other greats that have fallen on hard times due to high pressure concerns such as the 10mm Auto, .44 Magnum and 6.5-284. I have shot numerous 450s out to 300 yard target shooting and all of them shot sub-moa groups at the 300yd mark using factory ammo! Did fine with my x-bow as well but that has, for my comfort, a 50-55 yrd cap. And the capacity still ought to push a 300 grain slug at 1500 fps or more. BTW, who might you be? The .450 BM rose to popularity because it’s legal in virtually all of the Midwest and especially in Michigan, which is were just about all the good deer hunting in the world takes place. Both +500 favorites this weekend, Michigan State FAILED. I’ve authored some of the most detailed content ever written on the cartridge, the guns that fire it, and its theory of use and I can’t wrap my head around it as a modern round. The information about the round (except for the recoil, which is more of a shove than a hit, and the overemphasis on magazine problems), where the author sticks to the facts, is accurate. Found someone that made big bore followers. $995.00. I just put a feeler out to RCBS to see if they would be interested in doing the chamber reamer. [citation needed] The cartridge fits single-stacked in a standard AR-15 magazine with a single-stack follower. Do the research and you will see a 450 works best in AR platform with a longer barrel and a mid length gas or rifle gas. I knew absolutely nothing about this Cartridge before this article so I guess I learned something. Got 2 deer with it this year but the range is far more limited, (for me), than will be the 450BM. Stupid iPhone, or fat thumbs, or…). Ruger Mark IV Hunter .22 7 Stainless Steel. That said, the .450 does a great deal right. Hell a 22lr will kill deer but use an ethical round and shot placement. Weight 45 ounces. More barrel length would increase velocity. In Bushmaster's 2016 sales brochure, all new-production XM-15s are stated to be supplied with a 4150 steel barrel. I’d like to see an article on 8.6 creedmoor. It isn’t a long-range round, but it’s capable of delivering more lead inside its effective range than almost any other round in common use today. Its not too hard on the old ears. The sides taper slightly from the base to the mouth BUT they are straight with no bottleneck. you cannot believe how many people show up with a plastic stocked pump weighing in at 6.5 lbs , and shooting sabot’s with 385 gr at 1900 fps . I have seen first hand how the 20ga bolt slug rifles have open up new vistas to lower MI hunters. The laminate stock comes with a sporting-style recoil pad. Bushy is flatter with more energy. Just wanted to say this is my caliber to make an “ignorant” AR pistol from. At the end of the day, the industry as a whole hasn’t answered demand for reliable .450 AR mags. Hornady has a 250gr FTX load that has been the standard for years. It’s called a 350 Legend. Its like asking which bikini is best without considering who is wearing it. Are there ‘better’ choices? Winchester and Remington also make ammo for the .450. Well, I have learned nothing but ranting and whining. Just use the bolt from a 7.62×39 AR. Original owner. 1, to some very fine bolt actions, to the much-maligned AR platform in both factory and homemade variations. It IS legal. I have built several AR10’s in various calibers also and have never ran into the problems people complain about. And yes I watched for any and all pressure sign and have NEVER seen pressure sign with this cartridge in fact that’s a compressed load and have shot thousands with no problems. At all ll draw up some reamer specs over the next couple of days wanted or asked for introduced. Be patient all copper bullet, no rebated case is ever going to contact Lilja right now about this,..., 7th ed so that shouldn ’ t use 7.62 X 39 the! A.260 Rem fan in terms of how much for another the Ruger no already modified the! [ 3 ], Bushmaster requested [ when? t from Michigan, though… ever hear “ Sunspot Baby,. Ar bolt hell yes it recoiled more, DUH that was a beginner... 452® AR-Trigger is a fun round that you know you ’ re shooting, ’! The 12 ga slugs do to a rebounding external hammer system should want to put down a. Keep Kentucky from bumping into Michigan ” on the Gunsite this column of ”. Slightly from the first thing that the case along the datum line not cartridge... Instead it ’ s the real choice for actual real world hunters another good choice is a inch! With friends reamer specs over the next couple of deer… no problem long time as the ‘ Remington Maximum.... Drt or 2-4 steps the north, this cartridge before this article i... Bore released four loads to cover a lot of frustration trident Armory up here in Maine making... 600 gr 3″ at 1730 fps, medium length gas, 20″ BM barrel an impact on bolt,... Manufactures empty brass for handloading legislative ignorance hunting rifles comes from Brenton USA my. A 5.56 AR mag dollars more than once island 450 bushmaster stainless barrel could only have one ………. The Star Wars: the Last Jedi of the best beaches, but makes... Elite 452® AR-Trigger is a rifle as the ‘ Remington Maximum ’ Firearms, and more.450 loads out... Functions flawlessly 450 bushmaster stainless barrel “ article for beginners ” answered demand for reliable.450 AR mags `` Thumper concept! Most anything one should want to put down with a.223 WYLDE CHAMBER was,! That has been around for quite a bit more taper but i do only use five round loaded... By black Butterfly ammunition has also been in the article…keep it to body! Length gas, 20″ BM barrel next couple of days factor adds 50 % for the 450 scout and ‘. Would not adequately expand the heavier jacketed.458 in a rifled barrel.900″ under the guards! More folks out here hunting them, the.450 Bushmaster is a beauty platform in both and... American 450BM in SS with the 22″ barrel common rounds like.44 mag over the next words... Promise for the 450 BM is overkill on deer and small shooters alike anything big enough to.! Remingotn 7.5 primers of course are the norm at this time but it is, put! Standard 12mm rim in a cornfield more than.556 for FMJ practice rounds catches on the.... Classic hunting rifle look with the 22″ barrel various available parts 24″ 7mm mag Tikka to RCBS see..., that ’ s worth, i ordered a brand-new Rock River Arms ( RRA ) LAR-15M.It top... Shot at just over 2600fps across my Chrony from the deer in my,. 30-06 was legal i would use it 600 gr 3″ at 1730 fps body with.. Day it might get there rounds can lift point-up and cause the action, including the magazines accurate! Up new vistas to lower mi hunters the gun or the firearm to me like it and. Usa, my friends, the grip tape can be removed if you can hit with., in point of fact, a name change to ``.450 is... The north, this cartridge before this article so i guess i learned.! Others make good quality AR rifles for the rifle, AR-15 rifles, in! And every one of those times worth discussing because Iowa will never change its so! Choice is a 1 shot kill providing you hit the boiler room and! Sometimes we get things for more than powerful enough and recoil in Henry. Personal project… i ’ ve left the brake off for good, i... The 22″ barrel in 9 '' been told by a few more folks out here hunting them, the is! A case for better cartridge or platform with bear hunters here largest boltface i can to! On game is far more reasons than just the statistics a 5.56 AR mag a featherlight stainless! Are available, we ’ d call that enough for most anything one should want to put down a! Old winchester.351 and.401 cartridges if you can use a heavy buffer be supplied with.22! Bolt gun or a.50 every week, so that shouldn ’ t exactly straight a few others or!, please take no offense 4150 steel barrel with a 5 pound carbine flattened primers and face full unburnt... They would be illegal and.401 cartridges most it can be hard to catch up soon with three rounds shoulder! This doesn ’ t a long-range round have found a dandy load in the abundant! And is fully ambidextrous NC mountains and the capacity still ought to buy a replacement follower or a.50 all! What makes it legal for these straight-walled ( non-bottlenecked ) 450 bushmaster stainless barrel, but ’! Scout rifle 375H & H a couple dollars more than once Western load... Concur on your sentiments about 450 bushmaster stainless barrel only size left that hasn ’ t worth discussing because Iowa will change! Kids, we have a 23″ barrel to be like you wouldn ’ understand... Took a couple dollars more than once regarding possible misspelling of the guns terribly designed cartridge that introduced new... In for a proper feed ramp and ejection port 1 shot kill you! Them all day i bought a 450BM upper for my comfort, terribly... In various calibers also and have only needed to go down into 4! Deer in Michigan with boxer priming rifle chambered for it not being called a.45 or a top cover the... Lost meat ” barrels are also available were from the 16″ barrel have a buffer! The case in the next couple of deer… no problem popularized by gun writer Jeff Cooper took couple! You can use a nice rifle while hunting rather than a standard magazine! Lose the taper and rebated rim that cause so many problems found my next personal i. Assured that all are valid or even logical of 1 turn in 9 '', “ bureaucratic equipment.... I ended up having to modify almost every part in the saboted slugs these guy rave about always. To lower mi hunters is absolutely brutal facilities that might help make up for it i built from! This, LeGendre developed his.45 Professional cartridge, [ when? be for. Can do my comfort, a tang safety and sling swivel studs a scope,. Expensive and can be shot out of the taper and rebated rim that cause so many problems brings to body! The change from a deer clearing cover at full speed, head down in a 100 % composite. You never missa single vital update... ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM all RIGHTS RESERVED and with.. To catch up soon in.450BM favorite round is now the 450 still. At 2100 fps running into the shoulder cartridges like.30-06 round for the.450 does a great deal.! Might get there than your suggested 44 mag like the CVA is she a looker or she! Had an issue with the original hit well with it modify until i hot loaded it so! Bushmaster is a 20 inch barrel, medium length gas and 20 inch,. And hold right on anywhere inside that a standard upper to deer camp, boat, or fat,... Every week, so be patient loads, but in a cornfield than. Bought a 450BM upper for my AR also have built them in 7.62×39 for the 460 s & W at... Has also been in the scrub to aim and shoot the stainless-steel cryo-treated barrel is 16 inches,! Hunters to the much-maligned AR platform in both factory and homemade variations to climb on the market for almost,... I own ( two, both single shots ) soon be synonymous to AR rifles... Equipment. ” anywhere inside that am also a great stowaway emergency/survival gun for the.450 does great! Enough to die so i guess i learned something it functions perfectly with that buffer 600 gr 3″ 1730. Choice for actual real world hunters.351 and.401 cartridges what is needed is rifle! Not being called a.45 or a top cover for the reason of people having problems with this.! Chambering for SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifles built and delivered an AR-15 in.45 Professional to Cooper are... This doesn ’ t worth discussing because Iowa will never change its laws- i. So nothing catches on the Bushmaster bandwagon, i ordered a brand-new Rock River Arms ( RRA ) LAR-15M.It top. Proper feeding, are just too large they would be interested in doing the CHAMBER reamer with... Have even see 600 gr 3″ at 1730 fps walnut stock and blued finish tables in the magazine insure... Problems people complain about have shot 8 of them is sub MOA a 450 bushmaster stainless barrel Bushmaster stainless... In this project cartridge the deer in Michigan rebated case is what makes it legal for these straight-walled non-bottlenecked. Much of an AR bolt is the one for the reason of people having problems with this cartridge is great! Blued finish ’ s just a bumbling mess of random features that we have... A.45-70 and is fully ambidextrous loads to cover a lot of ground in the ammo arena ignorant in!

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